8 screens suspended in a 6ft x 4ft wall-mounted black box.

This work is shown on multiple screens and includes 300+ film stills and the corresponding excerpts of dialogue that go with them. The image/text pieces are played on a series of screens at random playing with the narrative specificity of each scene. Instead the piece plays upon memory and fantasy using the films the artist grew up with.

Major says: “This work was motivated by a desire to slow down and dissemble those scenes in particular movies which to me were the crux of the film. I thought about it in terms of extending Barthes notion of the punctum to film. In his writings on the time and the movement image, Gilles Deleuze saw cinema as coterminous with thought. In freezing the magic continuum by isolating the still my intention is not to kill the magic, or thought, but rather to linger over it, to see what we are left with.”