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“A House of Many Windows”: Curated by Day and Gluckman
Collyer Bristow Gallery,  4 Bedford Row, Holborn, London WC1R
“The portrait, the mask, the ownership of identity and the burden of historical portraiture can all be mined from the depiction of a person.”
As Robert Louis Stevenson’s quote so clearly articulates, the desire we have as individuals to communicate with our fellow beings is a complex set of parameters and nuances. It is unsurprising that the use of the figure as subject remains a complex dilemma for an artist.
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Installation View
Installation View © Stephanie Rushton

Marie Claire RIP has recently been published by L’Heure Dite, alongside a limited edition box-set which includes the Jezebel series and an essay by Catherine Somzé. Collyer Bristow Gallery kindly hosted the launch party.
For further information and to order the books please visit L’Heure Dite.

Marie Claire RIP & Jezebel

Creekside Open at A.P.T. Gallery – Selected by Paul Noble
Until 26th May
Selected work: Apes as Lovers (2012) from the series APED

“From 2318 works down to 125 works, how did I do this? (…) My mind was open but my hand seemed possessed, possessed by the spirit of Kurt Schwitters. (…) He had an honest eye. An eye that saw the truth in everything. This is what I was looking for. I am excited by the selection I have made. (…) ”
Paul Noble, Creekside Open 2013 Selector
Further InfoCreeksideThe Page Art Reviews looks at Paul Noble’s selection and reviews Apes as Lovers here.APED was recently included in the Gagosian Gallery Show: Ed Ruscha Books and Co
This book is part of ABCED, a multi-volume book project created on the occasion of Ed Ruscha’s 75th birthday, consisting of 33 books by 24 artists: ABCEDAPED at Gagosian
©Andreas Schmidt

ABC Members Andreas Schmidt and Jonathan Lewis have also been active in London, curating a show at Marcus Campbell Books entitled Serious Double Acts
It runs until the 26th May and features Marie Claire RIP. Exhibition catalogue available here.


 ‘love is…’There are some copies still available here. Also at 25Books Berlin and Dashwood Books NY

Hardcover 450 pages. Limited Edition of 150 (+APs).
from a distance - Hardcover, 10 x 8 inches, 116 pagesAPED- 318 pgs   Black and White printing (on cream uncoated paper).Marie Claire RIP and Jezebel published by L’Heure Dite – available here.
Stand alone book Format : 216x269mm Soft cover 36 pages
Two-book case + print Format : 216x269mm Soft covers 36 + 16 pages